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Berna Hatton, Proprietor of the Mill Wine Cellar, Maynooth – Operating an Original Video machine as a complement to her existing business since August 2006

“I am very pleased with it and it is working very well. It is bringing in new faces, especially students. During January and February it was making about €100 a day. I am waiting until I have had it for a year to do an analysis of when is the peak viewing season and how much actual profit it is making, but it is still very viable for a retailer.”


Frank Donnelly, 24/7 DVD Proprietor, Nenagh – Owner of an Original-Video fully automated DVD rental store since February 2007

“We’re very pleased with the initial response and people seem excited by the unique nature of the concept.”


Maria Maia, Proprietor of New Concept DVD, Ennis – Owner of an Original-Video machine since August 2006

“We are very happy we were able to meet our targets for the first two quarters and even more so that our customers are happy with the services.“


Berna Hatton, Mill Wine Cellar Proprietor – commenting on the initial launch of an Original Video machine in her Off-licence, September 2006

“Our customers are delighted with the convenience that the machine offers. It is easy to use and has added another option for our clients complementing the take home trade”


Jason Kandola, Proprietor of Costcutter, Welwyn Garden City – housing a hole-in-the-wall Original Video machine as part of the Original Video investor model

“As a retailer in a competitive market and location I am always looking at new ways to entice new and existing customers back to the store. Not only does Original Video offer my customers a new entertainment service but it drives foot fall which is great for business.”


Phillip O’Neil, Proprietor of Costcutter, Portglenone – the convenience store has been home to an Original Video machine since August, 2006

“We liked the idea of the machine as it is something which sets us apart from our competitors. It allows us to offer an entirely different service within our store, which we couldn’t have envisaged having in the past.”


Ben Mathews, Student Union Marketing Manager, Roehampton University – supplying the student market with automated DVD rental since February, 2007

“Since the machine has been placed on campus it has proven to be extremely popular with students. Because of its low prices and 24 hour accessibility, it appeals to two of the most prominent features of the student lifestyle – cost and convenience.”

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