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The most advanced DVD and games rental machine in the market

Our latest automated DVD and game machine is designed to meet not only the engineers´ criteria, but also the specific needs of our customers and market requirements.

Our machine has 3 new patents which offer unique benefits: innovative semi-circular storage area; increased rental speed; rapid-return system.

These are just a few of the advantages that our unique machine offers:

- The machine works for you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

- The new system allows you to store 4 DVDs in the same space as 1 VHS. This provides a storage capacity of up to 1500 DVDs in less than 2m².

- As the only machine available in the market with interactive keyboards, customers are able to register as a member 24 hours a day, directly at the machine.

- Two TFT flat screens and keyboards allow users to simply browse, select and collect titles, without the need to move.

- Users can access the system with or without their membership card by keying in their username and pin number.

- Membership cards are economical and safe as they are bar-coded.

- Customers have the choice of increasing credit on their membership account at the machine using cash, credit or debit card.

- The machine allows users to also buy movies or games, generating profits by both renting and selling.

- The machine’s software allows for operator promotions e.g. a ‘viewer’s day’, allowing a reduced cost of the rentals on any chosen day. The software can also be programmed to charge different rates depending on the time of day.

- Intelligent software with an automatic age restriction system that allows the user to only browse through titles appropriate to his/her age.

- With two TFT flat screens the machine can be easily programmed to show continuous advertising 24/7. This can be used for the store itself, or can be sold to third parties at a fee to generate extra revenue.

- Robust structure, high resistance and durable. Designed to withstand the hardest external conditions, with vandal-proof glass and paint.

- Wheelchair friendly.

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