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DVDs on tap in off-licence

4th May 2007 - Off Licence News

A Norwich off-licence will become the first in the UK to have its own DVD vending machine


Vending Machine Delivers the magic of the movies

27th April 2007 - Norwich Evening News

It looks like something out of a sci-fi movie, but this is the latest way of renting DVD’s in Norwich. A state-of-the-art DVD vending machine has been installed at one off-licence for movie buffs to use


Hole-in-wall machines offer a new revenue stream

27th April 2007 - Asian Trader

Hole-in-the-wall DVD rental machines located at c-stores could replace the traditional video shop within a few years, claims the boss of the company that has introduced the concept to the UK


Maynooth DVD concept gains positive response

27th April 2007 - The Liffey Champion

Since August, the people of Maynooth have gone ‘back to the future’ by an advanced concept in the form of an Original Video automated DVD rental machine


What’s hot at AVEX – Made in the UK

April 24th 2007 - AVEX Show Guide

Original Video is the first and only fully automatic DVD and game rental machine to be produced in the UK.


Automatic DVD rental drives footfall

20th April 2007 - Convenience Store

Jason Kandola’s Costcutter in Welwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire is one of the first convenience stores in the UK to offer an automated 24-hour DVD rental service


Automated DVD store opens in Nenagh

14th April 2007 - The Nenagh Guardian

The age of automation continues in Nenagh with the opening of a pioneering new DVD and video game rental store


New Store Opens

7th April 2007 - The Tipperary Star

From the beginning of April the people of Nenagh will be some of the first in Ireland to enjoy Original Video’s cutting edge automated standalone DVD and game rental machine at 24/7 DVD, Abbey Lane


Vending Success for DVD rental

April 2007 - Auto Vending

Who would have thought that a 2m² vending machine, manufactured in the spa town of Cheltenham, would challenge the traditional leaders at the top of the DVD rental market?


Small Retailers Top Up Turnover with Rent-A-DVD

April 2007 - Business Plus

Are you a retailer looking to bring in a bit of extra cash? Then perhaps the idea of generating some income by renting DVDs, films and games may interest you


Original Video to offer environmentally friendly rentals

April 2007 - Retail Technology

Original Video is the UK’s only manufacturer of automated DVD rental machines, and is looking to compete with traditional industry giants, such as Blockbuster


Manufacturing Irish Innovation

April 2007 - Irish Entrepreneur

Original Video has transformed their innovative idea into a big success and enjoyed a prosperous first year in Ireland


What’s Hot? Rental Store in a machine

23rd March – 5th April 2007 - Business and Finance Magazine

What is it? Who’s behind it? Financial Situation? Future Plans?


Original Video -Automated DVD Rental (1), (2)

13th March 2007 - Business In A Can

An Original Video DVD rental unit can gross £500 a week and take only 20 minutes a day to run.


Original Video kiosk celebrates 1st year in UK/Ireland

7th March 2007 - DVD Intelligence

Original Video has experienced a successful 1st year in the UK and Ireland, revolutionising the way people are able to rent DVD’s.


Original Rental Kiosks Flourish

28th February 2007 - Cue Entertainment

Original Video UK is celebrating its first year in the UK and Ireland with 15 units in operation.


On-campus DVD rental from 99p

February 2007 - Fresh

Staff and students at Roehampton University are some of the first in the country to enjoy DVD rentals for just 99p using the DVD rental machine in the 24/7 area at Digby College


DVD Rental Stores (1), (2), (3)

19th January 2007 - Business In a Can

The film and computer game rental industry has changed dramatically in recent years.


Automated DVD and game rental machine in Ennis

17th August 2006 - The Clare Champion

Ennis’ reputation as a town open to new ideas has led to the launch of the first automated dvd and game rental machine in Clare, Ireland…


New DVD concept hits Inverness

1st August 2006 - Scotish Grocer & Convenience Retailer

A Costcutter store in Inverness is home to Scotland’s first automated DVD and game rental machine, following a deal between Original Video UK and the retailer…


DVD vending

21st July 2006 - Independent Retail News

An automated DVD and game rental machine is the lates answer to 24-hour retailing, 365 –days a year…


Marco targets rural Scotland for DVD and game revolution

8th July 2006 - The Scotsman – Business & Smart Money

Already has established two units in Eire, one in Cheltenham, and the break into Scotland came this week via a Costcutter store in Inverness…


What else can we sell? Some other ideas to whet your customer’s appetites and improve your profits

7th July 2006 - Off License News – the voice of drinks retailing

Customers can pick up entertainment with a bottle of wine and snacks and, because prices for new releases start at 99p per DVD, it gives an extra edge to off-licences over the giant mega-stores…


Original Video unveils its first automated DVD machine in Ireland

15th June 2006 - Vending International

The machine will allow supermarket customers to rent to title DVDs and games from a “hole in the wall” machine for as little a €1.50, 24 hours a day 365 days a year…


La fabrica proveerá de videocajeros a los franquiciados ingleses

27th May 2006 - Que Franquicia

Se trata de la unica planta de producción de videocajeros existente en el Reino Unido, por lo que con esta apertura la enseña se ha convertido en el primer fabricante de este pais europeo...


SuperValu Aston Quay launches DVD rental service

19th May 2006 - Retail intelligence

“We have signed 87 members since last Thursday” new store owner Eddie Byrne told Reatil Intelligence new store owner Eddie Byrne told Reatil Intelligence “we are very pleased with the response…


Original Video UK unveils its first automated DVD machine in Ireland

15th May 2006 - Shelf Life – Ireland’s retail authority

The DVD rental machine attracts people to the store – once to rent a film and again when returning it…


Franchise Entry

15th April 2006 - Franchise World

The business in a box operates 24 hours a day and 365 days a year. The machine is either a stand alone business, or can work as an addition to an existing business, increasing footfall at the premises…



12th April 2006 - Checkout

Original Video last week installed its first automated DVD rental machine in Ireland – in SuperValu Aston Quay in Dublin, which will begin operating as a 24-hour store in two weeks…


Firm offers films by vending machine

3rd April 2006 - Irish Independent

A NEW DVD rental business which operates using vending technology is being launched in Ireland following its success in the UK…


A World of Entertainment, 24 hours a day

15th March 2006 - Vending International

Original Video UK is the UK and Ireland manufacturer and franchise operator of the internationally successful OVCOM2 automated DVD and game rental machines…


Automatic DVD rental

9th March 2006 - Gloucestershire Independent

Original video UK is a new top-of-the-range DVD and game rental machine that has just launched in Cheltenham…


Original to launch rental machines

2nd March 2006 - Home Entertainment Week

Customers at petrol stations and convenience stores could soon have a new breed of DVD and game rental machines at their disposal…


Vending DVDs – a profit opportunity

1st March 2006 - Auto Vending

Original Video identified enormous potential within the UK market, and set up a manufacturing plant to provide the best possible product and service…


El empuje de las franquicias no rebase las fronteras nacionales

25th February 2006 - Cinco Dias

Hasta ahora esta marca cuenta con 31 establecimientos franquiciados en el extranjero y esta presente en Portugal, reino Unido, Irlanda, Chipre, Estados Unidos, Mexico, canada, Brasil y Noruega…


Footfall driver

1st February 2006 - Scottish Grocer & Convenience Retailer

Original Video, thye first UK manufacturer of fully automated DVD and game rental machines…


New product

6th January 2006 - Independent Retail News

Original Video UK can now supply an automated “hole in the wall” DVD and game rental machine…


DVD rental made easy

1st January 2006 - Forecourt Trader

Aimed at forecourts and convenience stores, the OVCOM2 vending machine comes equipped with all the tools necessary to run a DVD rental service in less than two square metres…


Original Video brings DVD vending machines to UK

11th December 2005 - DVD Intelligence

In Spain Original Video has over 350 oulets, generating turnover of some €3.5 million (£2.4 million) last year…


Market leader

2nd December 2005 - Making Money

Original Video offers an exceptional franchise package that does not charge any franchise fees and royalties, with all the benefits of a traditional franchise and more…


A new threat to retail

18th November 2005 - MCV – Interactive Entertainment Weekly

A two-metre square metal box may be seen an unlikely competitor in the current retail battle, but indies and multiples alike would be foolish to dismiss its potential impact…


Your business in a box

11th November 2006 - What Franchise

Original Video is the first UK and Ireland manufacturer of automated DVD and game rental machines...


Original Video launches UK operation

11th November 2005 - The Franchise Magazine

Automatic video-club machines could soon be seen throughout the UK in high street locations such us corner shops, newsagents, petrol stations and universities…


Motorists gear up for drive-in movies

6th November 2005 - The Mail on Sunday – Financial Mail

Drivers stopping at garages to fill up will soon be able to pick up the latest films on DVD form vending machines…

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