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Every machine comes equipped with the Original Video administrative program. It's the preferred program in video shops with a distributor, because it joins all the tools needed to manage a conventional video shop together with the administration of the automatic distributor.

This program is not only cutting edge but also stays alive, it's growing day by day, and if there is a suggestion, since we are the manufacturers, it can be customised to customers specifications. This way of thinking allows us to offer the best and most convenience products in the market together with an unequalled service.

The program allows the owner / operator to see on real time the titles that are renting well and the ones that are not. It will keep the operator updated on non-returned items after a set amount of days, as well as give precise statistics on rental patterns and takings. Overall it is an intelligent software that allows precise stock control with minimum effect and not only tracks and reports inventory, sales, rental statistics and trends, but also has a built in diagnostic system.

In the event of a malfunction our software allows 95% of problems to be resolved on line, with repairs conducted remotely via the Internet.

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