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Come into the entertainment business. We offer you the chance to invest in an automatic video-club, whose main element is our automatic distributor OVCOM2, designed not only by the engineers' criteria, but the market requirements and the specific needs from our customers. 

First of all, we should bear in mind that this is a real market opportunity:

- The DVD is still growing, there is still a few years left to win the market quota on VHS

- The VHS is still strong; in fact, its penetration is the biggest in history. Until there is a standard recording system in DVD, the most used recording system will be VHS.

- Image and sound quality are the best features of the DVD. There are more and more high definition televisions and everybody is enjoying the Home Cinema system. We are investing in those house facilities to enjoy a quality product, as in the DVD. 

- Multinationals and film distribution companies are contributing to the development of the DVD, not only with new films, but also with old classics that have been adapted and launched on DVD.

- Film production is our greatest support, since there are more and more new films, blockbusters from Hollywood as well as from other countries. We know that every month there will be new films to attract our customers' attention.

- Video games are perfect complements for our machine, since nowadays, they are present in many households. We have every kind of customer, for renting or retail.

- It's a business open 24 hours a day, so we have more possibilities to get new customers.


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