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The most advanced video rental machine in the market

ORIGINAL VIDEO has created its latest model the result of several years of (market) researchs and technological development. Innovation for the rent market and sale of movies and video games. It is called OVCOM2 and thanks to its 3 new patents it gets some unequal benefits: 33% of more capacity for the same price; a reduction of times in the returning process superiors to 50% and a reduction of times of rent superiors to 40%.

Two screens to rent, interactive keyboards that increase its functionalism, two boxes for renting and one for returning. Internal changes to store four times more, with a new system that allows to store 4 DVD in the space of 1 VHS. 

Here are many advantages concerning OVCOM2:

- It has been designed and tried with the customer in mind because of this the investor can be sure that customers will be satisfied.

- A new and reliable company is born to manufacture and sell the machines. This allows the customer to get first-hand information. 

- The technical assistance staff is highly qualified and involved in the production process of the distributor, so they know all its details.

- It's based on a very new system, which provides the fastest distributor in the market: it takes you between 9 and 15 seconds to get the film, depending on where it's stored.

- We simplify the returning process, since we have a returning box. Users can return the film scanning it over the barcode reader and it's returned in less than 3 seconds. We have also added a new intelligent function: to return a film that has been rented within the video club.

- Users rent in a very easy way, moving throughout the menus easily. Your choice is seen on a colourful TFT flat screen. The film is withdrawn below the keyboard and you don't have to move. 

- The dynamic storage is structured in a completely new way, making the most out of our slim dvd cases 4x1, that is, where we put a VHS, we can keep 4 DVD´s, with a maximum storage capacity up to 1730 items and a minimum of 864.

- The maximum storage capacity can be increased up to 50%, depending on everyday rental, since we can reach a virtual capacity above 2000 DVD´s. 

- It has got a robust structure, high resistance and durability, designed to bare the hardest external conditions. Antivandalic glass and paint, with built in light, it doesn't need any other additional illumination. 

- The returning box allows customers to return rented movies automatically, serving the distributor this way as a store for the video shop. 

- Access system with or without membership card, keying in the user's name and pin. These cards are very economical and safe since they are barcoded.

- High technology currency note reader.

- Interactive keyboard that allows access to the machine without a membership card, communicate with the shop's staff and the best of all: registering as a member 24 hours.

- Users can buy movies, videogames, cd´s… everything that can be inserted in a VHS or DVD case. A very new system that allows you to buy already viewed movies, so we get more benefits: those provided by the rental as well as the sales.

- Promotions: viewer's day promotion, that allows reducing the cost of the rentals of any chosen days and flat rate, that allows members to rent a movie a day for a month, paying in advance. Different rates depending on the time of the day.

- On screen advertisement.

- Easy to use, members can easily access the keyboard, making the rental convenient, without losing any of the multiple options such as: looking up for movies keying in the titles, writing messages addressed to the owner of the video shop, changing your password, sale menus, videogames menus, exclusive menus for the owner or the management of the distributor.

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