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software online

Original Video has implanted its new Software Online. This innovative management system allows the owner to manage its Video Stores from any place and at any time, by just connecting to the Internet. This is how we get to the next level and offer you a real video rental business opportunity renewed and adapted to the new requirements of clients and entrepreneurs.

With Original Video software online all the functions of the video store business can be accessed remotely. In real time, the owner will be able to view complete financial information of the video store, to manage clients and new members, to start up promotional actions, to view statistics of DVD rental, games rental, …
Thanks to this online system the owners do not have to be physically present in the video store. It is a Home based business, which gives you an absolute freedom of schedules.

You can manage your Original-Video Video Store with the Original Video management online software, like an online business. It's the preferred software in video stores with an automatic video store, because it gathers all the tools needed to manage a conventional video store with the ones required to manage an automated video store.

software online

 This software is not only at the cutting edge of technological innovation, but also it continues to grow day by day, since if there is a suggestion, given the fact that we are the manufacturers, we have the ability to customize it to customers specifications. This way of thinking allows us to offer the best and most convenient products in the video rental business together with an unequalled service.

With Original Video Software Online all the functions of the video store business can be accessed remotely.

The on-line software allows the video store owner / operator to see on real time the DVD rental titles or Games rental that are renting well and the ones that are not. It will keep the operator updated on non-returned items after a set amount of days, as well as give precise statistics on online rental patterns and takings.


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