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Take advantage of this new business opportunity based on DVD Rental 24/7 where you can offer consumers a new way to rent: open 24 Hours, total privacy, excellent rates and total convenience.

With our automated DVD systems, you will present a new and exciting rental experience to movie and videogame consumers once they use the equipment. Our systems are prepared to offer consumers innovative price rates, total confidentiality and convenience. And most important as the owner, you will be in business non stop round the clock.

With minimal costs required to operate a video store, simply build your member network and make handsome profits!

Now is the time to take advantage of this enormous opportunity, the facts are simple:

- The video rental business continues to grow, fueled mainly by record levels of DVD penetration in the market; additionally, there are new formats making inroads, HD DVD and Blue Ray, which offer higher quality in a similar looking disc. But regardless, the Disc format will continue to be the industry norm for many years to come. (Our storage technology is totally compatible with these future formats).

- Image and sound quality are the best features of the DVD rental experience. Furthermore, thanks to affordable high definition televisions and other Home Cinema equipments, more and more consumers are taking part of this experiential trend. As a result, the movie rental business presents a great investment opportunity in the years to come.

Original Video video stores, a business opportunity based on the Automatic DVD rental business

- Multinationals and film distribution companies are contributing as well to the development of this business opportunity, not only by continually launching new films, but also by adapting old classics and favorites to the DVD format and launching them with exceptional quality and sound.

- Film production is our greatest support, nowadays we have a wider range of blockbuster movies coming from Hollywood as well as other countries. We can rest assured that every month there will be countless of new films in the market that will help our customers create excitement and thrive in the movie rental business.

greatest profits

- Video games are the perfect complement for our video store, considering that nowadays, Video Games have become hot ticket items and a way of life for many households seeking fun and exciting forms of entertainment. We have every kind of customer for DVD rental.

- This is a unique business opportunity open 24 hours a day with more possibilities to attract and maintain new customers.

Industry Highlights:

Market Overview
• Consumer spending on Home Video Entertainment is nearly three times greater than that of theatrical box office.
• Consumer spending on Home Video Entertainment in 2005 exceeded $24 billion.
• Rental generated $8.5 billion

• 82 million U.S. households own a set-top DVD player.
• 89 million U.S. households can play a DVD if portable DVD-players, DVD-compatible computers and videogame systems are included.
Video Games

• Console video game software sales totaled $5.77 billion
• Video game rentals totaled $663 million.
• 25% of gamers were over the age of 50
• 42% of Americans planned to purchase one or more games in 2006.

Source: EMA 2006 Annual Report on the Home Entertainment Industry.

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